The Reasons Behind My Adventure

Hello all!

To start off this blog, I would like to provide a little background information on myself. My name is Brooke Jenderny and I am from a small town in western Wisconsin built up of 7,000 people . I am currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse where I am a junior studying elementary education. I have a very supportive family back home (Mom, Dad, two brothers, and a sister) that loves to see me grow and develop. Throughout my life I have been full of wonder and passion. In my free time I enjoy writing, exploring, and sight seeing. I try to take hold of every opportunity that comes my way; consequently, I am currently in Spain living out my life long dream.

I chose to study in Sevilla, Spain for a semester because I wanted to broaden my cultural horizon. I am taking a plethora of random classes at the CEA Global University to try to gain as much knowledge as possible. While here, I also hope to fit in with the locals, learn the Spanish language, and gain some independence. I plan to travel around Europe as much as possible, but explore Sevilla just the same amount. I hope my time here will provide me with the experience necessary to live a globally competent life.

I have created this blog to share my experiences and discoveries to those adventure seekers out there. I hope to instill some cultural insight into  wandering minds. My goal is to help others gain cultural competence by not even leaving their homes. I also hope that this blog will allow me to reflect on my experiences and fully recap on my discoveries abroad.

The Best Is Yet To Come-

Be Well,



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