Living, Wandering, Learning

Today is the first day that I have really had the chance to sit and relax. My time here in Spain has been full of adventure. Everyday it seems as if we are running a thousand miles an hour trying to see every monument, tapas bar, and store. I have been on walking tours, been on bike tours, gone bar hopping, and even met some locals. It’s is a complete euphoria here, that of which honestly does not feel real.
The buildings in Sevilla are indescribable. They are so traditional, large, and filled with detail. I could sit and tour one building for the entire day. Throughout these past two weeks we have come across some hidden wonders of Sevilla.


Plaza De Espana

Triana- the neighborhood on the opposite side of the river
The bullfighting center
    The people in Spain are like none other. They are kind, helpful, joyful, and always happy. Although they do not speak much, if any, English, they are always willing to slow their speaking and help us out. They also seem to be very interested in helping us English students learn Spanish. I have fallen in love with the way the locals live their lives. They are constantly interacting with one another by sharing drinks, tapas, and stories, I honestly don’t know if any of them work! Families are out walking, dogs and cats are strolling unleashed, and the young crowd is out drinking sangria at local bars.
The weather here has also been wonderful. It has been sunny everyday and super warm (for a Wisco girl). Today is the first day that I have seen Spaniards without  winter jackets on, which means it must be super warm! Sevilla has a Mediterranean climate, meaning it is a generally warm area with little rain. We have truly been blessed with weather here, considering the temperatures back home.

Enjoying the 70 degree day by the river front

A few happenings over the past two weeks…

Second day trauma-
On my second day in Spain, I had a very terrifying learning experience. I was in need of exchanging money, so my new friends and I set out to find an ATM. I decided to be brave and try out the ATM first out of my group of friends. Unfortunately, being that we were unfamiliar with how their system works, I pressed a few wrong buttons and got my card stolen…by the machine. Now if it were not siesta, a two hour period where the city completely shuts down, I would have easily walked into the bank and retrieved my card. That being said, the bank was closed for two hours and I was forced to sit outside of the machine and wait until I could go inside, ensuring my card didn’t pop out to the next user. Thankfully, once siesta was over, I was able to communicate in Spanish to the teller and retrieve my card, whew! I am very thankful for my parents and girlfriends here, as they were all so helpful.The joys of being a legal drinker-
So as many of you know, the legal drinking age in Spain is 18; therefore, I am now a legal drinker. It is definitely a weird, yet exciting feeling to be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage at the bar without any hesitation. This past week, we have all had a wonderful time experiencing how some of the locals spend their nights out. Sevilla is known for its nightlife; however, it is very different than what I imagined. The Spaniards typically do not head out to the bars until 2 or 3 in the morning, and they tend to stay out until 6 or 7 am. This is very hard to get used to, as we are still recovering from jet lag. My friends and I have come to love the nightlife here, and we have started to find some local places, as well as clubs, where we feel comfortable hanging out.


My first legal purchase: Tinto de Verano

Buddha Bar

Discover Sevilla welcome party
The start of school-
This past Wednesday I started my classes at CEA. I am taking four classes at the University. All of my classes are taught in English alongside American students. My classes all seem to be very interesting, and I am excited for the weeks to come.

First day of school!

The student lounge at my school
     As I lay here in plaza de Espana, I can only be thankful for what I am experiencing. Some of these sights are sights I didn’t think my eyes would ever see. I have also come to meet some of the most wonderful girls ever. Niki and Emily, my roommates, are amazing. We all get along great and have so much fun exploring this wonderful city together. I have also became friends with other girls in my program! I truly feel blessed for this opportunity I have come upon. I can only look forward to the weeks and months to come.Hasta Pronto!

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