The Limits of Personal Expression on the Internet

     The internet is a big jar that holds just about anything and everything, metaphorically speaking. Anyone can post news, links, pictures, videos, etc. onto the web, and everyone can see any of those things posted. What does this mean for personal expression and privacy of ones ideas and opinions? To me, it means that we have to be careful what we do or say in this web world.


      Above is a link to a blog which I found very informative regarding free expression on the internet. Free expression is a term that came to my mind when thinking of the limits of personal expression on the internet. What do we really have the right to say? Is everything fair game on the internet? This is the question we must ask ourselves. 

     I believe that the internet is a place that enforces strict limits on personal expression. Anything that someone posts is permanently available for any employer, parent, teacher, or friend to see. We have to constantly be careful not to draw the wrong attention from others, or to bring up controversial topics. We also have limitations on how we can share our information. We have to ensure that it is original work and that it does not take any ideas directly from another source. Finally, as stated before, because the information one presents on the internet is always available for the world to see, it is in our best interest to present material that is appropriate for others to take in. This means that we should not share personal data, illegal information, or hurtful words on the web. 

     All in all, freedom of speech only goes so far on the internet. We do undergo limitations to personal expression when posting on the web; however, it is only for our best interests. 



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