What a HOAX.

        Hoaxing, an act of trying to trick people into believing false information, has become a very regular thing in today’s society. There are small hoaxes, such as April Fool’s Day pranks, and big hoaxes. such as falsely claiming someone’s death, as well as different consequences for each. 


Top 9 Social Media Hoaxes of 2013 

  1. The gas station karaoke couple
  2. Manti Te’o’s girlfriend
  3. Paris Hilton’s Nelson Mandela tweet
  4. Letter to Santa with Amazon link
  5. Thanksgiving airplane note war
  6. Major twerking fail
  7. Kiss cam breakup
  8. @Horse_ebooks
  9. Zero tip on $100 bill

   Although some of these hoaxes were pretty crazy and unthinkable, they spread throughout the world and millions of people believed that they were true. Hoaxes spread easily with the high use of social media. News can spread to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Most of the time, the viewing audience doesn’t even look for a sign of credibility; therefore, making it easier for hoaxers to attack. 
     I believe that hoaxing on a large scale, such as faking someone’s death, is wrong. It can cause serious mishap and hardship in people’s lives and is completely unnecessary. I also feel it is wrong to spread news illegally, such as breaking into someone’s Twitter account or creating false profiles. There is no need to spread this kind of information other than to seek attention. 
     With that being said, I do think small, innocent hoaxes are funny. The twerking fail, or the letter to Santa did no harm to the viewers. They provided a quick laugh and typically had a debriefing segment following it. When done correctly, hoaxes can provide comedic relief just when we need it the most. 


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