A Month Into My Adventure

So I’ve been in Spain for one month officially, and that month has gone by so unbelievably fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I got off the plane, scared to death of what was to come. I have grown so much over this past month and I can’t wait to see where these next three take me.  I thought that since I did not embark on any large excursions this past week that I would blog about some random information. Enjoy! 

Favorite Restaurant in Sevilla + Favorite Food/Drink
-Cien Montaditios- A restaurant that sells just as the name says, 100 different sandwiches. It is so cheap, so delicious, and there are many different locations all around Sevilla!

-My favorite food has definitely got to be the jamon croquettes. These are similar to cheese curds with the added bonus of ham!

-My favorite drink is Tinto de Verano. This is a red wine mixed with fruit juice and fresh fruit. It is served on tap at many different places and is the cheapest drink around. 


Favorite Location to Spend Time

-This is easy. My favorite place to spend my time is right on the river. The view is amazing and it is the prime spot to catch some sun. I also enjoy hanging out at Plaza de Espana; however, it is more touristy and quite noisy. 


Favorite Spanish Commonality 

-The slow paced lifestyle. Walking slow, eating slow, taking siestas, and being late. All of these are very typical in Sevilla. I love this aspect because time simply does not matter. Back home I always had to rush to be somewhere or constantly felt the need to be doing something, but here it is totally acceptable to take your time and enjoy the moment while doing nothing. 


Least Favorite Spanish Commonality

-The timing of meals. Sevillians typically eat their dinner at 9 or 10 at night, and even after a month of being here, that is almost impossible to get used to. I get so hungry by 8 o’ clock that I usually cave in and eat an early dinner. 

-Military time and the metric system. It sucks. I can’t read the clocks and can’t figure out the distances. Hopefully by the time I leave I will grasp this. 


Some Interesting Facts

-Typically men are the servers in Spain, it is rare to see a female waitress. The women are typically in the kitchen at restaurants. 

-The people here are unbelievably nice. Anywhere, anytime, people are always willing to talk, help, or lend a hand. 

-Once again, hearing English is a very rare occurrence. 

-Shopping on your own in a different country is a lot harder than it seems. The packaging may look the same as it does back home, but what’s inside can taste drastically different. 

-They don’t refrigerate their eggs or milk.

-The Spaniards stare. 

-They have little to no personal space bubbles. They will brush you as they pass by and it is totally normal. 

-There is a hefty amount of PDA. There are always young Spaniards making out in the parks and plazas. 

-No one really drives cars, its mostly Vespas. 

-If you are not from Sevilla, I would not recommend driving here. The roads are nearly impossible to figure out and the traffic signs are just used as suggestions. 

-Prostitution is legal. 




Im sure I will have more interesting facts to come. 



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