My Favorite Place.

My Favorite Place.

Well, nothing new has happened to me over the past week, besides getting sick. So for this free post, I want to talk about my favorite place here in Sevilla.

The river. This is the first place that I went to after arriving here in Sevilla a month ago and it has become my favorite place to hang out. I live right by it, so it is just a short walk away. I find myself venturing up and down the river trying to find a new place to sit and study almost every day. The river fills me with happiness. It is so calming, beautiful, and sunny. I love to watch people walk by and hear all of the different conversations taking place. Back home, I live right along the river so going to the one here brings me comfort and joy. I will continue to go to the river every (almost) day until I leave. It is by far my favorite place in Sevilla.

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