Comments on an Online Newspaper

CNN: Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, What we know and don’t know

     Online news is everywhere. From to, people can go just about anywhere and everywhere to recieve the latest news and updates of the world around them. With that being said, most people just read the article and move along with their days. There are, however, many people who find it right to comment on the article. I have taken a look at some of the comments on this online newspaper (posted above) and analyzed their structure, purpose, and meaning. 

     To start, this article is a very serious issue. It is coverage of an important event that has captured the worlds attention. With that, their are over 1600 comments on this one article. I did not have time to read them all, but I did go through the first chunk of comments to gain an overall idea. 

     The first thing I noticed throughout all of these comments is that most of them are critical. Many people criticize the way the journalist has presented the information, stating things such as “We already know this” or “This article is a waste of time.” Mant readers who have commented feel the need to tell how they did not like what was said, and often times they would comment their opinion of what they though should have been said. I have named these commenters ‘The Critics.” They are very particular about how they want their news presented, and feel the need to blame the journalist for poor writing. 

      A second commenter has become known to me as the “Informational commenter.” This person adds additional information that they have found on the topic. They are professional about the material present and seem to comment solely to provide extra information to other readers. They are beneficial to the article.

     The third and final commenter I have come across is the “Childish commentator.” These commenters post unnecessary comments that relate to nothing that was said. They say stupid and childish things that don’t matter to the story that was presented. They may be doing it for attention or out of boredom, but they do not add anything to the information presented. I find it interesting that in such a serious, sad story, people would still be willing to poke fun and make unnecessary comments. 

     There are many different types of comments, but these are the three most frequent ones that I encountered. This is a very known online newspaper so the number of comments increase by the minute. People have a lot of stuff to say, and I find that the people with the most passion are the ones who comment the most. 


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