Transmedia: Pottermore

Transmedia is the act of using many different forms of media to tell a story. With the rapidly changing and improved digital world, transmedia has become easier than ever to create and share. Transmedia has been accepted very quickly into our society because now a day, audience members will go just about anywhere and everywhere to receive information about their favorite shows and movies. Transmedia offers different forms of storytelling, and when a viewer sees it all, they will gain the knowledge of the stories entirety. 

     A very well known example of transmedia is Harry Potter. Of course we all know that there are books and movies, but true fans know about the Pottermore website that continues the story online. There is also a Pottermore Facebook page that provides an additional storyline. To start, on the Pottermore website, fans can find the inside scoop to specific parts of the novel, photos and images created by fans, videos and behind the scene footage, and even additional storylines created by J.K. Rowling herself. They can play games, share their fan art and fan fiction, as well as discover the history of the novels creation. They can find things online in this website that would not be known through simply reading the book or watching the movies. Likewise, the Facebook page contains all of the information seen on the website, while also posting status updates such as “Happy Birthday, Ron” or links to their twitter account. Users are able to post in the Facebook page and share their own personal ideas and comments. The picture posted below is a common post in the Facebook page Pottermore. 




     The addition of social media really completes the transmedia. Transmedia places information about the story in many different media, and with the new technology being created, there is no better place to do so than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Many teens now a day find themselves scrolling through social media frequently, so by adding social media in transmedia, I believe that it is hitting a wider audience base and communicating material that is easier to access. Also, users have an easier time spreading information that is posted in social media versus on a website. They can like, share, and comment on material that then goes to their own profile where new people can see it and do the same thing. I believe that social media in transmedia will spread the information faster and easier and will in turn pick up a wider audience. 


Pottermore Website:

Pottermore Facebook Page:


     Overall, who keep up with the Harry Potter media will be the only ones who have the true, full story. They will be the most informed and updated audience members and are true fans! 

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