It’s Viral!

     So I love videos. Anything that will capture my attention and have me laughing for a minute or two is a necessity in my everyday life. Thankfully, with YouTube I have the ability to surf and find new videos faster than I can blink. But how to choose what video to watch? It’s simple. I watch the videos that have the most views and are spread quickly across the web, also known as viral videos. Below is one of my favorite videos that went viral. 

     This video, titled Christian The Lion, has been my all time favorite viral video. I am definitely an animal lover, and this heart warming story of a man and his former lion pet really touched my heart. This video was posted by a user that is identified as SPFW21. The video was posted 5 years ago; however within the last few months it has gone viral, now reaching just over 10 million views. I believe this video was made to simply warm peoples hearts and inform them that animals can have relationships just as humans do. The video was created to show the close bond the owner had with his lion and to prove that everything can and does feel emotions. As stated before, the emotional experience that comes about from watching this video is happiness. Viewers feel content after watching and may even be jealous of the relationship the owner has with this lion. Some viewers may be skeptical, however, due to the rare idea this presents. 

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