A Week of Greatness!

This week has been nothing but wonderful. I have had so many exciting, perfect, fun events take place, it feels as though I am in a dream. Here is a list of the wonderful things that have happened to me this week. 

1. I found out that my mom is officially coming to see me. She will be here from May 1st all the way to May 10th. I feel so grateful to have a loving family member come embark on this journey with me. We plan to hang around Sevilla for the majority of her stay, with a small excursion to the Mediterranean Coastline near the end. Knowing my mom is coming in a few weeks makes everything better!

2. I won the Maroon to Gray Grant through my school. In other words, I JUST WON 2,000 DOLLARS!!!!! For a study abroad college student, this is the best news in the world. Two thousand extra dollars means I will have the chance to see a few more places that I wanted to see, try a few more delicious tapas, and most importantly, buy those clothes I have been eyeing up in the stores. 

3. I am leaving on Sunday to see my best friend from home in BARCELONA! Her and I have dreamed of traveling together since we were young, I can’t believe it is actually happening. We plan to squeeze as much action as possible during our 4 day stay.

4. THE WEATHER HAS BEEN AMAZING. I mean really, 80 degrees everyday?? I’ll take it:) Good weather equals good mood.

5. The upcoming Semana Santa festivities. I am very excited to come home next Wednesday and experience a bit of the Semana Santa processions. I believe it will be a wonderful experience and a memory that will last a lifetime.

6. I had a blast celebrating both my, and my best friend’s birthday! We tried two different restaurants and danced the night(s) away.


Overall, as you can see, my life over here in Sevilla has been so amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better Spring. Well, this is all I’ve got for now!! 


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