Rage Comics

I was not originally familiar with the term Rage Comic before Wednesday’s class session; however, after being shown an image, I immediately recognized the concept. I see Rage Comics all throughout the internet. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, or on a random webpage, the characters in Rage Comics  pop up everywhere and have become a familiar sight  to many. I did some research on Rage Comics and I have chosen this one as my favorite. It was definitely hard to choose just one, though!

I thought this Rage Comic was the funniest because it is so easily relatable. With the new highly technological world we live in, situations, like the one in the comic, present themselves on a daily basis. I laughed out loud while reading this because I see it happen in my life all the time and I appreciate that someone recognized it and took note of it. 

I really like internet humor. I think it is a humor that we cannot find in everyday life. I feel as though internet humor is more direct and harsh than real life humor. The internet is not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, and it is not afraid to joke about taboo topics. I really like scrolling through webpages and laughing out loud for hours on end. 



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