So I am definitely a sucker for anything that will give me a good laugh, and lucky for me, just about every GIF posted on BuzzFeed does just that. Because I am so indecisive, I’ve decided to post a website that had 31 of my all time favorite GIFs.

Because we’ve been told to pick one GIF in particular, I will say that number 15 on this website is my favorite, even though I get a good laugh out of all of them. 

Why do I like all of these GIFs? Well, they are funny of course. And they are entertaining. I can watch these GIFs over and over and continuously laugh each time. Good GIFs to me mean humor. Generally someone or something gets hurt, but it makes me laugh and that’s all that matters. I usually find myself cruising through BuzzFeed every night before bed chuckling to all of the creative and funny GIFs that capture my attention. 


I am a big GIF fan; therefore, I do consider GIFs their own medium. I believe that GIFs portray a message that any picture or meme cannot represent. It is a new way to represent an image that allows the user to see more than one snapshot of an event, rather a continuously repeating set of images. I believe that GIFs give more detail about the situation that a normal image, but also act more as a still image than a full length video. Overall, if it wasn’t a new medium wouldn’t it just be called a meme or picture? It’s called a GIF because it is unique from any other medium. 

I think it is fun to communicate through GIFs. I find it easier to tell a story with GIFs than with any other image media (emoji’s/memes). I have fun reading through conversations that use GIFs as the form of communication. 


Well, that’s all for now! 
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time


Rage Comics

Rage Comics

Because my previous photo does not always show up, I have chosen a second Rage Comic, similar to the first! Enjoy!

Rage Comics

I was not originally familiar with the term Rage Comic before Wednesday’s class session; however, after being shown an image, I immediately recognized the concept. I see Rage Comics all throughout the internet. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, or on a random webpage, the characters in Rage Comics  pop up everywhere and have become a familiar sight  to many. I did some research on Rage Comics and I have chosen this one as my favorite. It was definitely hard to choose just one, though!

I thought this Rage Comic was the funniest because it is so easily relatable. With the new highly technological world we live in, situations, like the one in the comic, present themselves on a daily basis. I laughed out loud while reading this because I see it happen in my life all the time and I appreciate that someone recognized it and took note of it. 

I really like internet humor. I think it is a humor that we cannot find in everyday life. I feel as though internet humor is more direct and harsh than real life humor. The internet is not afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, and it is not afraid to joke about taboo topics. I really like scrolling through webpages and laughing out loud for hours on end. 



A Week of Greatness!

This week has been nothing but wonderful. I have had so many exciting, perfect, fun events take place, it feels as though I am in a dream. Here is a list of the wonderful things that have happened to me this week. 

1. I found out that my mom is officially coming to see me. She will be here from May 1st all the way to May 10th. I feel so grateful to have a loving family member come embark on this journey with me. We plan to hang around Sevilla for the majority of her stay, with a small excursion to the Mediterranean Coastline near the end. Knowing my mom is coming in a few weeks makes everything better!

2. I won the Maroon to Gray Grant through my school. In other words, I JUST WON 2,000 DOLLARS!!!!! For a study abroad college student, this is the best news in the world. Two thousand extra dollars means I will have the chance to see a few more places that I wanted to see, try a few more delicious tapas, and most importantly, buy those clothes I have been eyeing up in the stores. 

3. I am leaving on Sunday to see my best friend from home in BARCELONA! Her and I have dreamed of traveling together since we were young, I can’t believe it is actually happening. We plan to squeeze as much action as possible during our 4 day stay.

4. THE WEATHER HAS BEEN AMAZING. I mean really, 80 degrees everyday?? I’ll take it:) Good weather equals good mood.

5. The upcoming Semana Santa festivities. I am very excited to come home next Wednesday and experience a bit of the Semana Santa processions. I believe it will be a wonderful experience and a memory that will last a lifetime.

6. I had a blast celebrating both my, and my best friend’s birthday! We tried two different restaurants and danced the night(s) away.


Overall, as you can see, my life over here in Sevilla has been so amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better Spring. Well, this is all I’ve got for now!! 


Birthday Fun!

Birthday Fun!

This past Tuesday was my 21st birthday. I had so much fun! We started out by going to dinner at Los Coloniales. I had the almond chicken and spinach croquettes. After this, me and 15 of my friends headed to my apartment for cake and ice cream. We had a few drinks and then headed to Santuario to celebrate. We stayed out until 4 am! Safe to say I had an amazing birthday!

Media Literacy

Media literacy is the ability for someone to appropriately access, evaluate, analyze, and create media content. It comes about from being a critical thinker, problem solver, having social and communicative skills, and understanding personal autonomy. Media literacy allows people to effectively use the various media’s that are in the world today.

I think it is highly necessary for students, as young as primary school, to learn about media literacy and become media literate. With the highly growing technological advances, whether we like it or not, young children are being exposed to various medias on a daily basis. I believe that it is necessary to teach them media literacy skills so they can effectively use media. If they are already encountering media, why not try to teach them about it?

In relation to social media, I believe that nothing further than safe online practices should be taught. I do not believe that schools should be responsible for teaching students how to create and use social media, but rather teach students safe online practices. Most students will learn how to use social media on their own, as they are exposed to it on a day to day basis. I believe it should be up to the parent to decide whether or not their child should learn about the social media site. The school should only be a place where the child learns what is safe and what is dangerous to do on social media sites. I believe that if the school were to begin teaching about social media in lower education, we would have very angry parents who are trying to keep their children away from the social media sites as long as possible. All in all, the school teach the safe practices of online use, not the how to’s.

Because I Am Stressed

So lately here in Sevilla I have been more stressed than I ever have been. Classes suck and money is tight. How am I sposed to enjoy the abroad life when my face is in a school book and I have no money to go out? Well, fortunately there are MEME’s to get me through. Heres a small assortment of some of my favorites. (Thanks to Fran, my social media teacher, for this idea!) 


Hope this brightens your day like it did mine! 

Until next time,